"I started using LiVE and ReVIVE when they were introduced in St George. Since then I lost 10 pounds, and both my blood sugar and my blood pressure are back to normal levels. I am no longer taking any medication for anything!

ReVIVE has particularly made a big difference in my energy. In the past I was always tired. In fact, I often woke up more tired than when I went to bed. Now I sleep for 6 or more hours without even moving. I wake up alert and ready to start my day. I am not sleepy when driving. All of this from one packet of Live and on packet of ReVIVE every morning!

I also love the Enerceuticals. I use my anion emitter whenever I am feeling out of sorts and always get relief. I carry it in my pocket, wear it on the back of my shirt aiming down my back, or I tuck it in the back waist band of my jeans when my hip is hurting. I always get relief."

Eva Garner
Wilson, Kansas

"I'm so excited!!!! I just qualified for the Cancun trip (thanks to an amazing downline), and I decided that there was no way I was going to sit on a beach in Cancun at my present weight. I qualified for the trip on Saturday, started my diet Monday. I chose a diet that has worked fairly well for me in the past, but one thing was different. I added Revive to my daily regimen. In five days I have not only lost 13 pounds, but I feel absolutely terrific, have tons of energy and have not been hungry!!!!!

I've got six months to get the rest of the weight off! I know I can do it because when you can feel awesome and not be hungry while you're dieting, you've got it made!!! Yippee ReVIVE!!!!"

Bonnie Arnold
Lancaster, Texas

"I have had degenerative disc in my back for many years from extensive dancing, roller skating, motorcycle accidents and just hard work. The VA gave me a very strong pain killer to give me some relief. I have always had issues about putting any medicines, drugs, alcohol or anything that is not natural in my body, so I don't take the pills they gave me. Every few days I would get sharp pains that tempted the use of their drugs, but I resist.

Since I have been drinking the Alkaline water from the Energy Cup and Consistently drinking the Galaxy juice, I HAVE NOT had any sharp pains in my back. I have started going to the gym and running on the tread mill. Amazingly I am running five miles non stop in about fifty minutes.With no after pains. This is truly amazing to me. Especially at 52 yrs.old. I BELIEVE these products are working wonders for my body and recommend them to everyone. I carry the Energy cup everywhere I go and share it's benefits. Live long and prosper!"

Robert Shappy
Honolulu, Hawaii

"My story is simple. I use to see a dermatologist every six months for the pre-cancerous spots on my body, mostly my face. Actually had a face peel done to try to solve the situation. I use to be so allergic to cats that within an hour of two of being in a home that had a cat and my eyes would swell and my asthma would cause me to wheeze. I had a painful right knee and a shattered wrist from a skiing accident 35 years ago. My wife use to massage the wrist on a regular basis.

Pain was minor but now it is totally gone. No more massages needed. I have not seen a dermatologist in years as my face is now totally clear of all the red spots. I also can now sleep at homes that have cats and can even play with them without adversely effecting my allergies as long as I stay on the Galaxy.

In fact, I travel a lot and was without the product for over a month. Asthma returned. Within two days of returning home and drinking Galaxy the asthma was gone. I never leave home anymore without three to six (3 oz) containers full of Galaxy in my carry-on (I never check luggage unless it is ski equipment).

I use the Zing for energy and love it. An esthetician on my team asked me if I was using the Intense Face Cream. She noticed immediately and commented that my face and skin looks much better after just the first month.

These products work for me so well that I believe everyone should be taking them."

Steve Funke
Kailua, Hawaii

"More about the Ionized Alkalyne Water I've been drinking. . . As some of you know since drinking this, I detoxed, inflammation is down hugely! (I've been able to stop the ibuprophen (from 3 tabs a day), unable to tolerate any forms of caffeine and alcohol. I feel much healthier and balanced.

Arthritis in hips is hardly perceptible. . . actually I think the arthritis was the inflammation, who knows.

My injured left hip is still an issue. . . but suffers less because of less inflammation."


"I am really enjoying the Galaxy juice. Before taking it, my knees really ached a lot going up or down stairs. After about two weeks of consistent juice intake, I noticed that my knees were not hurting. I have been a vitamin taker for about 26 years. I have been reducing the number of vitamins and have been feeling great."

Rob Ward
Santa Clara, Utah

"We were introduced to Zing this weekend at the convention. I love it!! Great taste and gives me energy I need in the afternoon. No more afternoon slump. Next is to replace my morning coffee with Zing. Anyone who knows me and my love of coffee knows this must be something big!!"

Michelle Lind
Covington, Kentucky

"Why I picked the Galaxy juice. I've been having a problem with my sleeping for 4 years. I always feel very fatigued. I don't have enough energy. That's why! I need some good energy from Galaxy juice. Hope the Galaxy juice can boost my good energy. Perhaps, the Galaxy juice might help me to sleep better. That's it! Have an enjoyable day."

Lynda Luebkeman
Castro Valley, California

"I love Galaxy! It gives me an extra boost throughout the day! My skin is much clearer and it feels good to know I'm getting the nutrition I need without having to pop in a bunch of vitamins. I also really love the Intense anti-aging cream. Living in Florida with the harsh sun, my age spots are slowly diminishing. What an excellent product. Thanks, Joy Life!"

Jessica Stultz
St. Augustine, Florida

"Me and my husband have been business owners for years and we have never seen a compensaton plan as great as Joy Life. The reputable company manufacturing quality products for 17 years triggered our curiousity to look at this business. From the management team to the products and the compensation plan, no company around the globe can offer this kind of business. Finally, the Timing because it's still launching in the United States. As an Asian American, this company is also in the Philippines, China, Korea and gave us a window of oppurtunity to expand our business in Asia and soon around the globe. I have now left my full time job in the hospitality industry so I can spend more time with my family and because of Joy Life this was possible. It does transform your life."

Judith Militante-Johnson
Las Vegas, Nevada

"I joined Joy Life a little over two months ago. I became interested because a friend liked the products so much. What sold me though was the great compensation plan. As I began using the Joy Main Energy Cup and the Galaxy Nutritional Juice I noticed a significant energy increase and an overall healthier, younger feeling. I went away on vacation leaving my cup and juice behind. Upon returning and using the Energy Cup and Galaxy again, I got the increase in energy again. To top it off, I found two large checks in the mail! Thank you Joy Life!"

Troy Traub
Las Vegas, Nevada

"The Joy Life USA products are amazing! Especially the energy cup. Nobody has seen it in America and everyone ask questions about it then wants one. This makes it very available to share with everyone I come in contact with. Give it a try it works!"

Phoenix, Arizona

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